To Perform an LVDS Test

The Low Voltage Differential Signalling (LVDS) test allows you to test the various communications between the Panel Communications Hub (PCH) and all the Panel Module Controllers (PMC) installed on the switcher. This test includes both internal and external modules.

Note: Some external devices contain multiple modules and will show up as more modules than devices connected to a link.
  1. Press HOME > More > Diagnostics > Panel Diagnostics > PCH Test > LVDS Test.
  2. Press LVDS Links to select whether you want to test the link to an internal panel module (Intern), or an external panel module (Extern).
    Tip: If you want to test an LVDS link without connecting a module to it, you must connect a loopback adapter to the port and set Use Dongle to Yes.
  3. Press Run Test.

The switcher tests the integrity of the communications between the PCH and each of the PMCs connected on a link.