To Identify a Failed Cooling Fan

  1. Press HOME > Status and identify which cooling fan is reporting a failure.

    If you have the Redundant Power option installed, cooling fans 1 and 2 are located in the Primary Power Supply module and cooling fans 3 and 4 are located in the Secondary Power Supply module. If you do not have the Redundant Power option, only the Primary Power Supply module is present with cooling fans 1 and 2.

    Figure: Power Supply Modules

  2. Place a small piece of paper in front of each cooling fan in the Power Supply Module to determine if the fan is moving air.
  3. If a cooling fan is not moving air, or is moving much less than the other fans, that Power Supply module must be replaced. Refer to To Replace a Control Panel Power Supply.

    If all the cooling fans appear to be moving air properly, check that the cables between the Power Supply module and the Power Distribution board are not damaged.