To Perform the Burn Mode Test of the Touchsreen

The burn mode performs a number of tests on the control panel to ensure that all internal memory and communications ports are operating properly. To ensure that all external communications ports are operating properly, a loopback adapter must be installed on each serial port.

A loopback adapter is required to be connected to each of the serial ports on the control panel, and any LVDS port that does not have a module connected to it.

  1. Press HOME > More > Diagnostics > Panel Diagnostics.
    Tip: If you want to test an LVDS link without connecting a module to it, or a serial port, you must connect a loopback adapter to the port and set LVDS Dongles or RS422 Dongles to Yes on the Burn Mode menu 2-2.
  2. Press Start Test.

    The switcher cycles through the LED tests, Display and Mnemonics tests, LVDS tests, Memory tests, and all the Tx/Rx tests for the control panel. The tests continues until stopped.

  3. Press Stop Test.
    Tip: The View Summary and View Log options allow you to view the outcome of the test on the menu. The Log can then be saved to a USB flash drive by pressing Save Log to USB.