To Assign a Clip to a Clip Register

  1. Press HOME > Clips > Assign Clips > Clip type.
  2. Use the Clip knob to select the clip register that you want to store clip information to.
  3. Press Name Clip and apply a name to the clip register.
    1. Enter the new name in the New Name field.
    2. Press Accept New Name.
  4. Use the Device knob to select the video input that the clip will play on. When you set up the device, you associated a device and channel to a video input on the switcher.
    Tip: Select NONE to disable a clip.
  5. Use the Looping knob to select if you want the clip to loop (Enable), or only play once (Disable).
  6. Press Refresh Choose ID and use the x1, x10, and x100 knobs to select the clip on the device that you want to assign to the clip register.
    Tip: If you know the name of the clip, press Enter ID and enter the name of the clip directly from the Enter Clip ID menu. Only clip names up to 96 characters long are supported.
  7. Press Inpoint/Outpoint.
    Tip: If you select different start and end points to use on-air, the original inpoint and outpoint for the clip will remain unchanged on the device. This allows you to create sub-clips from a longer master clip directory on the switcher.
  8. Press Enabled to use the default start and end point of the clip from the server (No), or set a custom inpoint and endpoint (Yes).
  9. Press Edit to select whether you are setting the inpoint (In), or the endpoint (Out).
    Tip: If you do not know the timecode for the inpoint or outpoint you want to use, press Next and use the transport buttons to preview the clip to the location you want to use. Once you have the timecode position selected, press Next and Grab Timecode.
  10. Press Hours/Minutes and use the Hours and Minutes knobs to select the hours and minutes components for the new inpoint or outpoint.
  11. Press Second/Frames and use the Seconds and Frames knobs to select the seconds and frames components for the new inpoint or outpoint.
    Tip: Press Cue to Inpoint/Cue to Outpoint to preview the new inpoint or outpoint of the clip.
  12. Press Grab Timecode to store the new inpoint and outpoint for the clip.