To Initialize a FlexDevice Driver

Note: You must initialize a separate instance of a driver for each device you want to control from the switcher.
  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Com Setup > More > Flex Devices.
  2. Press Start Driver
  3. Use the Interface knob to select the control panel or frame that you want to initialize the FlexDevice driver on.

    For example, if you want to control the device from a serial port on the back of the master control panel, you must select Panel0.

  4. Use the Type knob to select the type, or class, of driver you want to initialize.
  5. Use the Driver knob to select the driver that you want to initialize an instance of.

    If the driver you want to initialize does not appear on the menu, ensure that the driver has been installed.

  6. Press Accept.

A popup notifying you that an instance of the driver has been started appears on the menu.