To Set Up an Audio Source

For the some audio mixers, each audio source needs to be assigned to an audio channel that is controlled by the switcher. This allows you to select specific audio sources to be controlled when there are more audio sources than input channels on the Audio Mixer.

  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > More > Audio > Assign Source.
  2. Use the Audio Channel knob to select the audio channel on the switcher that you want to assign an audio source from the mixer to.

    The number of channels listed is the number of channels selected for the Max Channels extra option for your audio mixer.

  3. Use the Audio Source knob to select the audio source from the audio mixer you want to assign to the selected audio channel.
  4. Press Name Channel and use the Audio Src knob to select the audio source that you want so name.
  5. Enter the new name in the New Name field.
  6. Press Accept New Name.
  7. Press HOME > Confirm.